Prior Sagas


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Riding through the heart of the nation, I was the heart of the nation. Lacking care, & looking forward to the future. Riding the cusp of the unknown. No fear for the future. Only wide eyes & an open heart, & a mind that had been stretched by experience with moments that could only be touched by myself & no one else. Out in the country, I found a little something for myself. Click HERE to follow my hitchhiking adventure across the U.S.A. & to find out what that little something was!


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I was young & moving fast. Through the knowledge I attempted to gain in Europe, I hoped to be freed of aggression, hatred &, ultimately, fear. Over the course of 90 days, I covered 21 countries, all the while learning the importance of a teardrop & what it meant to love a friend true. Click HERE to learn the lessons that I did during those 90 days!


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In life, the road only goes one way & nobody knows when the road ends. When I got on the road, sticking my thumb out to the wind along a dusty highway in Mexico, I felt strong; ready to write & travel & to live again. To live through moments that invigorated me; moments that made me want you to be there w/ me. Click HERE so that we can begin trying to get you there!