My name is Ratté, and I am a terrorist.

I am a terrorist in that I terrorize others with inspiration, with the idea that there is another life out there for them, for you and that you can live that life if you choose.

I am also somebody who has hitchhiked across countries and lived on the streets; somebody who has run from the police, hiked volcanoes for days at a time and loved women for perhaps longer than I should have; somebody, some kid from the sticks just trying change the world with his words…

I write with the hope that I will be able to help develop a more inspired, closer, better global community.

I live, truly live so that the stories that I will tell my children and grandchildren will not have to be made up.

And I now ask you to please join me as I attempt to bring you clarity through my pain and suffering as an adventurer and as a human being…